How to unblock people on facebook

Life isn’t always beautiful. There is sometimes you quarrel with your friends then decide to block them on Facebook. This feature is really cool. In real life you can’t ignore a person immediately, but in virtual life, everything is possible. However, after a week or so, you regret blocking that friend, but now your friend has been blocked. How can you take them back to your friend list?

In this post, I’ll tell you how to unblock people on facebook with illustrated pictures.


Unblock People on Facebook

1. Login your Facebook account.

2. On the top-right side of your screen, click on Account -> Privacy Settings

facebook privacy How to unblock people on facebook

3. On Privacy Settings page, scroll down to the bottom, then click on Edit Your Lists

edit block list How to unblock people on facebook

4. You will see a list of people who you have blocked. To unblock any person, press Unblock next to his name. Once you have unblocked some people, you can’t add them to your blocked list again within 48 hours.


unblock facebook friends1 How to unblock people on facebook

Once someone is unblocked, this person is able to view your profile and contact you within the restrictions of your privacy settings.


  1. I do occasionally value my privacy so much so oftentimes I don’t allow every of my friends to see what I’m posting. In that way, you can still protect your privacy but not isolate yourself from your friends.

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