Save 50% OFF With Theme Junkie 2.0 – Over 25 Premium WordPress Themes

Theme-Junkie is another well-known theme provider in WordPress Community. It was established in 2009 and up to now, Theme Junkie has 25 themes in their collection. According to their About Us page, Theme Junkie is aiming at creating top quality themes with easy customizations for customers. However, their main page is a little “old”, so many people just come to their website and leave immediately despite the quality of their themes. They are now having around 7900 customers, much much much smaller than Elegant Themes community.

Thankfully, the owner of Theme Junkie has realized this ugly fact, so he decided to make a total reform of Theme Junkie. Now, their website looks better with comprehensive guides and features. I believe that they can skyrocket their earnings soon with the new design. You can take a look at their official website here.

theme junkie screenshot Save 50% OFF With Theme Junkie 2.0   Over 25 Premium Wordpress Themes

Honestly, I would say that some of their themes have small fonts and not well-written, of course there are some themes that really rock, such as Fresh Life or Resizable. The price for single package (buy 1 theme and get 1 for free) is $29.95. However, you can buy their one year membership for only $49.95. That’s why I have gone for one year membership instead of buying single theme. With this membership, you can download as many themes as you want and use on all of your websites.

theme junkie pricing Save 50% OFF With Theme Junkie 2.0   Over 25 Premium Wordpress Themes

Now, let’s come to learn how to save 50% off with Theme Junkie.

As I have said before, Theme  Junkie has just redesigned their home page, so they are running a campaign in which you can save 50% of your purchase, no matter which package you are in (single, 6 months, 1 year). It means you’ll have full access to all of their themes for only $25 (as cheap as $1 per theme). This is the largest promotion ever of Theme Junkie, so it’s a huge chance for you to grab all of their themes NOW. The promotion won’t last long, it will be terminated on 20 May. You have only a few days left, so ACT NOW



  1. Informative post indeed!

    I never knew much about theme junkie though had heard a lot about it. And these offers do seem lucrative too. Thanks for sharing. :)

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