Google+ Tips and Tricks: The Only Guide You Need

If Google+ is a disease, it'll be the most widespread disease all over the world. Although it has been nearly one week from the annoucement of this new social network and Google+ has been limited to invited users only, Google+ has become a … [Continue reading]

HostGator HUGE Discount Promotion 40% OFF July 4th – 1 Day Only

When I talk about Hostgator, what do you think of? Yes, a fast, reliable web hosting service with affordable price. There are some coupons on the internet can help you reduce the price by 25% or use HostGator with only $0.01 for the first … [Continue reading]

Get Rid Of WordPress Maintain Mode

People always advise you to keep your blog update, especially Wordpress. People won't create another version of Wordpress for no reason, will they? As a result, when an update comes out, you will probably update your blog immediately. And that's … [Continue reading]

5 Ways To Strip Your Blog Post To The World

Alright, you have spend many hours to craft a new blog post. You have put all your love to every single word and choose the best pictures to illustrate your ideas. Then, you hit the publish button and wait. 2 hours later. Nothing has been … [Continue reading]

9 Surefire Tips To Become Famous On Facebook

Facebook has surpassed Google in the US to be the most visited website and it ranks #2 among all websites on the Internet. It has been becoming a huge part of our daily life, bring social media closer to every person. Facebook serves most of your … [Continue reading]

Update AddThis, WPtouch and W3 Total Cache IMMEDIATELY

Three popular Wordpress plugins, AddThis, WPTouch and W3 Total Cache, were reported with hidden backdoors that lets people enter in your site. These security were discovered inside the repository. However, we don't know that whether … [Continue reading]

Creating AMAZING Graphics For All Your Marketing Needs In Minutes

One of the most difficult problems for Internet Marketers is creating graphics for their websites. Yes, you can promote your website to the 1st position on Google without knowing anything relating to design. But if you REALLY want to keep your … [Continue reading]