How To Find Good Edu And Gov Websites For Your Backlinks For FREE

After the Panda updates, people are more aware of the authority of  a website. You have to build trust and loyalty with your readers in order to gain high positions on search engines. As a result, the role of Edu and Gov backlinks are more important. Why? Being backlinked by these websites (if relevant) will tell Google and other major search engines that your website is high quality and an authority in that niche.backlinks How To Find Good Edu And Gov Websites For Your Backlinks For FREE

That’s why people are in rush to find more Edu and Gov backlinks. Some people have taken the advantages of this by selling WSO (Warrior Special Offers) or services with these types of backlinks, however you can find these links for your own FREE. I have used 2 different methods to find these types of backlinks including using Search Engine operator and SEO Spyglass.

1. Use Search Engine Operator

Just play around with some specific phrases on Google and you’ll find relevant Edu and Gov websites to comment and leave your links on.

My favorite ones are

keyword inurl:*.edu -”comments are closed” “add a comment”
keyword -”comments are closed” “add comment”
keyword -”comments are closed” “add a comment”
keyword -”comments are closed” “add a comment” 

2. Use SEO Spyglass (Free Version)

SEO Spyglass will help you to spy on your competitors, so that you can copy their hard works and get relevant backlinks to your websites. There’re two options with SEO Spyglass: add an url and it will find and sort backlinks or add a search term and SEO SpyGlass will go through every website that ranks high for that term and get backlinks. Of course, you can do these works manually with Yahoo Site Explorer, however it will take a lot of works and time. So, why don’t we work smarter instead of harder, right?

After discovering and exploring your competitors’ websites, SEO Spyglass will display every backlink of them. From the searchbox of the program, you can search for edu and gov backlinks.

This two methods will help you save a lot of money instead of spending them on expensive paid services. And of course, it will help diverse your backlinks with means good sign to Google.


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