9 Surefire Tips To Become Famous On Facebook

Facebook has surpassed Google in the US to be the most visited website and it ranks #2 among all websites on the Internet. It has been becoming a huge part of our daily life, bring social media closer to every person. Facebook serves most of your online needs, from creating a personal profile to establish your business’s presence and TONS more.

Below, you’ll find ten surefire tips on how you can be famous on the Giant Social Network.

1. Have clear goals

target 9 Surefire Tips To Become Famous On Facebook

First and most importantly you need to think about WHY you want to become famous on Facebook.

  • Want to promote yourself.
  • Want to make some funs and create a strong community.
  • Want to create a page on the social network to drawn potential customers.
  • Want to inspire other people.
  • So on.

Thinking about why you want to be famous will help you create strong strategy for your marketing effort. If you don’t know what is your motivation, you can’t put yourself to work.

2. Choose what to use: a profile, a group or a fan page

When you have your marketing strategy ready, it’s best to choose which Facebook network tools you want to use. Facebook allows you choose among 3 different tools: a profile, a group and a fan page.

Not only me but also many people, who are familiar with these three types, will recommend you to use Fan Page. Because pages are generally better for a long-term relationships with your fans, readers or customers. You can also learn more about your visitor by Visitor Statistic which is available for Pages only. Moreover, pages for a business supply away for visitors to “like” them and their friends will see that they are interested in your pages. This is the viral effect of Facebook and why so much emphasis is now being given to social media by companies.

3. Have killer profile picture

Profile picture is the first thing that pops into your visitors’ eyes. If you are running a personal facebook account, it’s okay to get a normal image of your face or you and your friends. But if you are serious about creating fame through facebook, you must have a profile picture that stands out from the crowd.

How do you define a great picture? It depends on yourself and of course, your creativity. Some people make fun of them in profile pictures, others create their own cartoon figures. The only limitation is your imagination as long as keeping the size of that photo at 180 x 540 pixel, the maximum size of profiles picture.

4. Spend time on polishing your profile

old clock 9 Surefire Tips To Become Famous On Facebook

Your profile is a part of your brand. Think of your profile as an About Page of Facebook. You will be surprise at the number of people who visit About Page on your blog, so does Facebook profile. It gives new visitors basic information about you and your business: who you are, which field do you involve in… Make sure that you have included some very important info such as your education, work experience… You can make your profile more natural by adding some interests and hobbies. Getting a complete profile is the most crucial thing when you focus on Facebook marketing.

5. Keep it updated

No one want to step into an empty house. And no one want to connect with you if you abandon your facebook account. Another thing proves that keeping updates can helps you is that the more you update and engage with your fans, the more likely your post appears on people’s Feed. Facebook has develop its own algorithm to define the popularity of a profile or fan page which is called Edge Rank. Although people can’t know exactly how this algorithm works, we know that if your page get a lots of attention and engagement from readers it will show up on people’s feed more frequently.

The best schedule for updating status is 3 times per day. Don’t spam your readers by updating a lots of information in a very short period of time. Increase the pace between your updates to keep your readers interested.

6. Diverse Your Updates

olympic mascots 9 Surefire Tips To Become Famous On Facebook

Status alone won’t make your long-term success, they will bore your readers instead. If your mom keeps cooking the same food everyday, it’s obvious that you won’t want to eat at home anymore. The same applies to your readers. They don’t want to receive status after status and get a bunch of text to read. Come on, Facebook gives us many ways to connect with our audience: Status, Photos, Notes, Events… Why do we waste them? The next time you update your Facebook account, try to make something different and you’ll see the result.

7. Make Use Of Landing Tab

Making use of Landing Tab will add more favors to your page and encourage visitors to “like”. To make a landing page be able to convert, you have to put some “call to action” arrows or some content requires being a fan to access. You can add the share button to your landing page so that visitors can not only become your fans but also tell their friends about you.

7. Facebook Ad – Why not?

Use Facebook advertising if you have the money. It is very cheap and you can spend $5 per day or thousands per day. It is all your choice and you can stop the advertising any time you want. It is a great way to get new fans if you don’t mind spending a little cash. If you want to save money, you can learn how to keep your CPM cost as low as $0.02 per page view by this simple tactic.

8. Engage with your fans

Getting new fans is difficult, but keeping their interests in your pages is even harder. Unlike advertising, which is a one-way communication, Facebook and other social networks create great places to talk with your customers and to receive feed-backs from them. Reply to your fans’ comments show that you really care about them and develop the trust in you. You can choose to reply to every single comment or reply to some questions that you thinks strongly relate to your business. The most successful fan pages are the ones that are actively engaging with their fans.

9. Go crazy with contests and events

marathon contest 9 Surefire Tips To Become Famous On Facebook


Some people don’t want to work hard every day just to get a few fans. They want to get thousands of fans in a week or two. The best method for them is to set up contests and event.

Running a contest on Facebook brings variety to a page’s content, engages fans, and has the ability to directly increase the company’s revenue by introducing new customers to the brand. The contest also gave the page content variety by breaking up the usual status updates with something new, fun, and with an included call to action for fans to get involved.

Before running a facebook contest, like other contests, you have to define the rules and how to choose the winner carefully. I have seen a bunch of people running facbook contests but don’t have any ideas on how to find the winner. At the end, people quarrelled with each others and the contest turned out to be a disordered mass.

I have quickly go through 9 tips to increase your fan base. My final saying is that everything depends on you and your marketing team (if you have other people work for you). Try to be honest and creative. There is no magical formula to build a great fan page. It’s all about who you are taking to and how you approach them.


  1. Hi Tho, thanks for sharing. There are definitely couple of good points you mentioned. Although I am not using FB to promote my blog I do believe there are panty of reasons why this might be a good idea.

    What I am not sure about is FB ads, although the price is low it is very hard to say whether the blog content would work on the FB audience. Most of the FB users are not bloggers so they are not in the Blogosphere very much but if you have some budget free why not give it a try?

  2. Nice post.I have only 66 fans.I want to increase the number .Please tell some tips

  3. All tips are really awesome and really luv the killer profile picture tips


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    Facebook has surpassed Google in the US to be the most visited website and it ranks #2 among all websites on the Internet. It has been becoming a huge part of our daily life, bring social media closer to every person. Facebook serves most of your onlin…

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