How To Get 25% OFF For ColorLabs Premium WordPress Themes

There will be some questions raised here when you read the title of this post.

  • What’s ColorLabs?
  • Why do I talk about ColorLabs on my blog and Why you should care about it?
  • And most importantly, HOW TO GET THE DISCOUNT? (If you are in a hurry, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post and get the coupon immediately)

We’ll start by talking about how I know about ColorLabs and why should you care about this theme provider.

I am always get stucked at choosing WordPress themes. Yeah, there are plenty of them, however it’s hard to find a theme that you really love. You also have to make some tweaks to make your blog stand out from the crowd. I admit that I’m not good at designing or customizing, so I prefer having a membership theme club to get access to all of the themes provided by the creator. It’s much cheaper and I’ll have more choices for my websites. I’m quite sure that many people have the same idea with me, which makes membership theme club popular.

In this blog, I have talked about Elegant Themes review, where you get 100 premium wordpress themes for only $39. I also mentioned about Theme-Junkie promotion which reduces half of their price in May, sadly, the promotion is no longer available. I have been a member of these two theme club for a while, and it’s worth every single penny that you spent.


These themes look great on computer screen, but there’s  one thing that put me into consideration. Many of these themes aren’t suitable for mobile and tablet, they’re for computer’s screen only. What I need now is more than a regular WordPress theme, I need themes that can change depending on the screen-size – people called them responsive wordpress themes. If you think that you don’t have to care about mobile and tablet users, watch this video

  • We use smart phones everywhere
  • 79% use smart phones to help with shopping
  • 74% purchase based on smart phones suggestions
  • 88% take action (call, buy…) with business
  • And so many other things that you’ll lose just because you don’t care about making a website for mobile and tablet users.

It’s a trend, and we have to catch up this trend no matter what. I decided that I should find other theme providers with great support for responsive themes.

That’s why I landed at ColorLabs (Tah Dah)

colorlabs banner How To Get 25% OFF For ColorLabs Premium Wordpress Themes

Browse ColorLabs Themes

Why You Should Come To ColorLabs

They have more than 35 premium wordpress themes plus their own Backbone Framework. The most exciting thing is ALL OF THEIR THEMES are RESPONSIBLE. It means no matter which device your visitors are using, these themes will look awesome :), take a look at a screenshot below

Colorlabs showcase How To Get 25% OFF For ColorLabs Premium Wordpress Themes

See? They can change to adapt the screen-size of your device.

There are three main sectors of ColorLabs Themes: Personal, Business and Backbone Framework. The design is clean and friendly for visitors.

ColorLabs doesn’t have membership theme club, they offer some bundles in their deal page instead. You can get

  • 25 Standalone Themes – $59
  • 5 e-commerce and app themes (best for business owners) – $69
  • Backbone framework and 8 child themes – $69

Every purchase will come along with 2 other bonus including 2 months for GoSquared Plus Plan and 2 months hosting from Site5. I am not advocate for ColorLabs, but these two bonuses alone are worth your investment (not mention that you’ll get 25 premium themes to use on all of your websites).

But you can save EVEN MORE, with this coupon code: BLOGTIPSWRITER

ColorLabs 25% Discount All Themes
You can use this coupon to get 25% discount on ALL of ColorLabs Themes, even the bundle with 25 premium wordpress themes.
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You can save up to 25% of every purchase icon smile How To Get 25% OFF For ColorLabs Premium Wordpress Themes That’s a special gift from me and ColorLabs to you

Take A Look At ColorLabs Now And
Choose The Best Themes For Your Websites


  1. Color Labs themes are really awesome and are worth to every single penny. Thanks for the coupon…

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