Facebook Advertising – Cheapest Facebook Ad Coupon Codes 2012

Let’s come to the main purpose of this post: I will show you the way to get HUGE discounts to advertise on Facebook. Besides, if you keep reading, you’ll find a simple tactic to save a lot of money with Facebook advertising. You probably know that using coupons is more than a great way to save money especially for advertising. I am quite sure that there’re countless posts on the internet telling you that they offer Facebook ad coupon for FREE. In fact, most of them don’t work anymore.

Fortunately, you can still get Facebook ad coupons by buying them. Although many different websites are trying to sell these coupons, they are quite expensive. Luckily, I have found a website that can help you, which tags coupons the most affordable price. Specifically, you can get $50 Facebook Ad Coupon at an INSANELY low price, only $5,95 for a $50 Facebook coupon. If you didn’t take any action right now, you would be extremely regretful since the next time you dropby here, the price had already been increased.  SEE THE PRICES HERE

Facebook Ad Coupon Facebook Advertising   Cheapest Facebook Ad Coupon Codes 2012

How to active these facebook ad coupons?

1. Create your Facebook account if you haven’t been there.

2. Go to Advertising Page by clicking the link at the bottom of Facebook or going straight to this link http://www.Facebook.com/ads/. Click Create an ad then after filling somepieces of information, you can add your fund. You can choose either Credit Card or PayPal for your funding.

3. After creating the advertising account, click Billing > Funding Sources > Enter Coupon Code

4. Enter your coupon codes and get $50 credited to your account.

Note: Facebook Ad Coupon Codes can only be applied with new Facebook Advertiser account.

After that, you will have $50 credited to your account, now you can launch your own Facebook campaign. Furthermore, in case you want to make full use of these coupons, I strongly recommend that you should check out this brill tactic. The said will teach you how to keep your CPM rate (cost per 1000 views) as low as 2 cent or less.


Let’s do some maths to better understand the benefit. If you have $50 in you Facebook advertising account, it costs you 1 cent per 1000 views, that means you can spread your ads to 50x100x1000 = 5.000.000 viewers for only $5.95. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

facebook ad low cost click Facebook Advertising   Cheapest Facebook Ad Coupon Codes 2012

That’s why you should take a glance at this Facebook secret traffic hack to sketch out your campaign.

Remember: You can quit this program at any time that might be convenient for you. If you REALLY want to test Facebook Advertising and learn how to doFacebook ads work with tight budget, hurry up and get your $50 coupon codesSEE THE PRICES HERE

The Advantages of Advertising on Facebook

facebook ads coupon code illustration Facebook Advertising   Cheapest Facebook Ad Coupon Codes 2012

Are you tired of high bids for Google Ad words withalmost no return value? Yes, Google Ad is an innovative way of serving advertisements, but people are now somehow aware of these advertisements and they less likely seem to click on such sponsored links. Remember don’t overinvest your time and your fund in Google Ad words just because you want to keep up with the Joneses.

Another disadvantage for traditional Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement like Google Ad words and Yahoo Search Marketing is that they only allow users to target ads based on demography which means they can’t control much about their target audience. When it comes to marketing, the more targeted your audience is, the higher result you enjoy.

A better solution is PPC on social networks, especially Facebook. It enables netizens to micro target ads based on sex, demography, age and even interests which give advertisers a great chance to palm their wanting target audience.

In addition, Facebook now has over 600 million active users with more than 700 billion minutes spending per month. In the USA, Facebook is much more preferred than Google. That means spending your time and your fund onFacebook reveals a great opportunity for you to seduce your potential customers.

If you do love to advertise on Facebook, let’s roll up your sleeves and get down to businessin order to find feasible ways to apply this advertising platform at an INCREDIBLY LOW price. Learn more about Facebook Ad Coupon.


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  2. Great tips. Very helpful information on FaceBook Ads. This should help lots of people doing Facebook and social media advertising.

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  4. Hello Thohuynh, I was purchase the Facebook coupon ads through your link, But when i want to redeem it, My Facebook account temporary locked. It’s 2 days account.

    How old Facebook account that allowed to use this coupon?
    Maybe you can explain the details requirement to use this coupon. Are Facebook name,address, and other must be the same with credit card?


    • You should use 1 coupon on 1 new account with 1 credit card :) It’s the guideline

      • Of course, I’ve been using 2 days old facebook account, and a credit card that has not been used. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m sure that you make a screenshot how to use the coupon, it’s will very helpful for the prospective customer like me too. Thanks for your response. Regards,

  5. I have heard that for the new accounts, facebook is giving some initial free advertising coupon. Is it true?


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    Facebook Avertising enable users to micro target ads according to sex, demographies, age and even interests. Learn how to get 50 $ Facebook Ad Coupon Codes 2011…

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