How To Get 25% OFF For ColorLabs Premium WordPress Themes

There will be some questions raised here when you read the title of this post. What’s ColorLabs? Why do I talk about ColorLabs on my blog and Why you should care about it? And most importantly, HOW TO GET THE DISCOUNT? (If you are in a hurry, you can scroll down to the bottom of […]

Save 50% OFF With Theme Junkie 2.0 – Over 25 Premium WordPress Themes

Theme-Junkie is another well-known theme provider in WordPress Community. It was established in 2009 and up to now, Theme Junkie has 25 themes in their collection. According to their About Us page, Theme Junkie is aiming at creating top quality themes with easy customizations for customers. However, their main page is a little “old”, so […]

40+ Best Responsive WordPress Themes For You To Choose

Why responsive wordpress themes matter? The age when computers were the only device that can access the Internet is over. According to a recent research by Google, Every nine in 10 smartphone searches ends up with an action (like purchasing or coming to the real store…) 88% smartphone users often take action within 24 hours […]


Are you looking for a honest, unbiased Elegant Themes Review? So, you have come to the right place. We are here to tell you the truth, not another biased review luring you about this WordPress Theme creator. First of all, let’s talk a little bit about the man behind elegant theme: Nick Roach. He is […]

How To Create A Killer Readmore Button For Genesis

I am currently using Genesis for most of my sites. This framework has powerful options and well-written code so that I don’t have to worry about Theme and coding anymore. Despite the power of Genesis, it’s too plan and hard to decorate your theme, especially for those who aren’t familiar with coding and framework. The […]

Clean Up Your WordPress Blog In An Hour

Every time you use WordPress to write a new blog post, do some tweaks or try new plugins, your blog will be flooded by temporary files and logs. In short term, these files won’t affect your blog. But when it comes to long term, when your blog has a hundred or a thousand posts, this […]

Get Rid Of WordPress Maintain Mode

People always advise you to keep your blog update, especially WordPress. People won’t create another version of WordPress for no reason, will they? As a result, when an update comes out, you will probably update your blog immediately. And that’s the reason why when WordPress 3.1.4 rolled out, I tried to update my blog immediately. […]