How To Create A SSL Certificate For Your Facebook Fanpage

October 1st is coming near now, and you might notice that there’s a hype in Facebook community about SSL requirements for those who hosted their facebook apps/ fan pages outsided Facebook. What is SSL? In general English, SSL is a more secured way to transmit data meaning your personal information will be more secured. This […]

How To Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages give companies more chances to grow their business on Facebook effectively. However, these pages are so easy to create. Many people end up with creating a lots of page for a same brand or company. This makes users confused, they don’t know which page is the real one. Moreover some companies have many […]

How to unblock people on facebook

Life isn’t always beautiful. There is sometimes you quarrel with your friends then decide to block them on Facebook. This feature is really cool. In real life you can’t ignore a person immediately, but in virtual life, everything is possible. However, after a week or so, you regret blocking that friend, but now your friend […]

9 Surefire Tips To Become Famous On Facebook

Facebook has surpassed Google in the US to be the most visited website and it ranks #2 among all websites on the Internet. It has been becoming a huge part of our daily life, bring social media closer to every person. Facebook serves most of your online needs, from creating a personal profile to establish […]

Create A Facebook FanPage With iFrame HTML Landing Page

It took developers such a long time to adopt FBML (Facebook Markup Language) to build landing page for fan pages on Facebook. I myself had spent 3 months to learn this new language before Facebook changed their minds. “From March 11, 2011, onwards users wont be able create new FBML apps and Pages will no […]

How To Make The Most Of Benefits From Facebook Advertising

Facebook along with its 600 million users brings lots of advantages for advertisers looking for their potential customers. It allows advertisers to interact with their customers in more specific ways and they can easily target their ads. But it’s easy to run out of money while you’re running your advertising campaigns. Despite of the statistics […]

Facebook Advertising – Cheapest Facebook Ad Coupon Codes 2012

Let’s come to the main purpose of this post: I will show you the way to get HUGE discounts to advertise on Facebook. Besides, if you keep reading, you’ll find a simple tactic to save a lot of money with Facebook advertising. You probably know that using coupons is more than a great way to save money […]