4 Reasons You MUST Build An Email List

Serious marketers nowadays are familiar with Email List. To make a long story short, you can tell an email list is list (sure) containing emails of people who are willing to receive your updates. So why do you have to build list? Aren’t SEO and traffic everything that you need to make money online or […]

How To Find Good Edu And Gov Websites For Your Backlinks For FREE

After the Panda updates, people are more aware of the authority of  a website. You have to build trust and loyalty with your readers in order to gain high positions on search engines. As a result, the role of Edu and Gov backlinks are more important. Why? Being backlinked by these websites (if relevant) will […]

Don’t Follow Exactly What Experts Told You

As newbies, we strongly believe in experts’ words, those who have been in the industry for years and know exactly what they are doing. Because it’s easy to follow their advices, people tends to do exactly what they told you. For example, when they recommend a product, we’re more likely to purchase and use it […]

Online Scarcity and How To Strengthen Your Defense Against It

Online business is just like other traditional types of business, people establish their business for profit. As a result, they focus on making more sales. Although the long-term approach for business is the product itself, people also use other techniques to boost up sales. It can either be a killer design website, email marketing…. But […]

How My Brand New Niche Website Gets PR3 After 3 Weeks

Google has released its newest page rank update on August, only 2 months after the previous update on June. I have noticed about this update when I visit some other blogs of my friends, for example: AZBlogTips (PR2 -> PR3). And I am very happy to announce that this is also the first time Blog Tips […]

4 Amazon Affiliate Plugins That Rock Your WordPress Blog

If you have been surfing the web for a while, you may realize that there is website always shows up on the 1st page of Google for many many topics. Yes, it’s Amazon, the ultimate web store. Behind the glory of Amazon is the works from thousands of people around the world, as affiliate marketers. […]

Creating AMAZING Graphics For All Your Marketing Needs In Minutes

One of the most difficult problems for Internet Marketers is creating graphics for their websites. Yes, you can promote your website to the 1st position on Google without knowing anything relating to design. But if you REALLY want to keep your visitors and increase conversion rate (number of sales, number of opt-in users…) on your […]