Backlink Booster Review and 25% Discount Code For You

As a blogger, you may have known about the concept of linking to your backlinks in order to boost their authorities, consequently adding more link juice to your main website. This will prevent your website from being punished by Google. If you get tons of backlinks to your site immediately, this will be marked as “unnatural”. Google will think again about your site’s quality and sometimes downgrade your rank.

seo backlink Backlink Booster Review and 25% Discount Code For You

Linking to your backlinks is quite different. They are authoritive domain, they have been established for a long time so that a mass of link won’t affect them. Boosting these pages will add more value to them and get them indexed faster on major search engines.  The concept is easy. BUT doing it manually will cost you a lot of time. So many tools have been created to help you do all of this automatically. One of them is backlink booster, which I’ll tell you about in this post. At the end, I also give you a discount code for this software.

Backlink Booster makes your works much easier. The main element of the whole software is a BOOST BUTTON that you can intergrate to your browser so that you can boost every backlink that you want. After you click BOOST and provide required information, the rest will be done by Backlink Booster including:

  • Pinging that link in 80+ RSS and ping sites so as it can be indexed quickly
  • Adds the link data to an RSS feed that you can have submitted to 100s of RSS aggregators on the internet.
  • Place your link inside content on their private network of 30+ sites.
  • Allow users to submit via many bookmarking sites.
  • Allow users to send notification via email to so that you can ping your link to all the social network including in
  • Mega Booster feature allows you to add up to 3600 links right away
  • Spin your content to make them unique across sites.
  • And many other cool features…

My first impression is that the design of backlink booster looks somehow traditional websites in 90s. Its fonts and sizes are too small to read. Plus, their design is somehow very bad. However, people say that don’t judge the book by its cover, same goes with Backlink Booster. It’s very easy to use, even for new user. And it works. My backlinks get indexed faster, which means more link juice adds to my website.

You can’t see the result immediately. For example, your site jump from rank 200+ to number 1 or 2 overnight. The result comes gradually and it worths your efforts.

Backlink Booster also gives you 15 days trial before you make your decision. So there’re plenty of time for you to test this service.

If you are going to buy Backlink Booster, you can save a lots of money, 25% at exactly, by using this Coupon Code: MS-00-102710-500

Head over to Backlink Booster now for reducing your SEO works.

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