How My Ass Helps Me Overcome The Google Penguin Update

The storm of Google Penguin Update has wiping a lots of sites during this month. People stressed about this update since it targeted many aspect of building links to websites that SEOers have been doing for 10 years. Adding more pains to the update, Google has de-indexed many large blog networks cutting of one popular way to build links. Established websites with “unnatural” link-scheme are also put into target.

My websites got hurts, too. 4 of them, which have made a decent amount of money everymonth, now cannot be seen on Google, cutting 70% of revenue.

But my main problem in May isn’t Google Penguin Update, it’s my disease.

I got sick (and still not okay yet)

In the end of April, I started to feel burning sensation buttocks. At first, I thought it was normal symptom since I spent most of my days on computer (not a good habit, I know). However, when the pain got worse, I decided to come to the doctor and ask for help.

The doctor examined, then asked me a few questions related to my symptoms. After that, he told me to go for a blood test for diabetes. I was shocked. I did know about how dangerous diabetes is, it can kill you if you have large wounds and left untreated. It can also affects other parts of your body including heart, liver or kidney. I thought I am too skinny to get diabetes. Isn’t it just for fat people only?

I took the test. After more than 30 minutes waiting in panic, I finally got the report.

It’s NEGATIVE. (Thanks God)

The doctor told me that I’ve got a muscle inflammation. He gave me some antibiotics to get over the problem. I was happy that I didn’t get diabete although I was forced to consume a large amount of antibiotics.

Sadly, my symptoms didn’t decrease. It got worse.

That’s where the nightmare began. I started to search for diseases with related symptoms. The result was a bunch of different diseases including diabetes, peripheral artery disease, neuropathy (OMG), cerebrovascular accident… Most of them are serious diseases. I thought if I would die tomorrow. I couldn’t eat too much and felt tired for several days. In addition, using lots of antibiotics weaken my immune system, so I got some other diseases. The doctors will tell you that antibiotics aren’t good at all. They do help you fight against diseases, but they also weaken your body allowing bad bacteria to grow and develop other diseases.

I went to the hospital again and were diagnosed by another doctor. The doctor told me that I got neuropathy pain, she gave me other drugs. I would say I hate consuming these drugs without any clear evidences that they would help you.

I didn’t get better (again). The drug made me tired. I couldn’t even use my laptop due to irritation in eyes. My eyesight got worse, I can’t see everything clearly.

I were depressed, for sure. I rarely talked with my family and my girlfriend. I tried to sit in my own space, thinking about the diseases. If you know which disease it is, it would be better since you know to to cope with it. Sadly, I didn’t know anything. Everything I read were based on the Internet.

Sound like a nightmare, huh? But that’s what happened with me this month.

Now, everything is not okay yet. I can still feel the burning sensation when I spend more than 20 minutes sitting on a chair (especially rough chair). I don’t have any ideas about my diseases either.

But one thing changed – my mind.

My best friend, who is studying in Japan, heard about my disease. He said:

“Well. If you keep thinking about these diseases, chances are you don’t have enough strength to fight against the real one. Then you’ll be killed, not by that disease, buy your own worries. It doesn’t matter which disease you are getting. The only thing that matters is how you fight against it. Be a winner or a loser, it’s your choice.”

That’s when I realized how stupid I was.

I wasted nearly a month, just to think about some unreal things. Yes, my butt is painful, but the doctor will be responsible for it, not me. I didn’t have enough medical knowledge to examine my case. All of the information collected on the Internet was just information. If diagnosing a disease is that easy, people won’t spend more than 10 years to study in Medical Universities. (Not to mention some websites got fake informations – I supposed they’re niche sites from some lazy internet marketers aiming only to money, not educating people).

I lost 30 days and a bunch of opportunities. In 30 days, I could

  • Add more content to my authority site.
  • Build another niche site.
  • Learn from other people
  • Learn to increase conversion rates…

But NO, I didn’t do anything but worrying. And you know,

Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

After asking for doctor’s permission, I stopped taking drugs for a while to get back to my balance. I created a plan to complete what-I-should-have-done-last-month. There are lots of things to do. They cost some extra times for me everyday, but no problem. I am happy with completing my tasks and get back my lost time.

Fortunately, when I was broken down, my passive income continues pouring into my pocket. That’s what I love most from creating mutiple passive incomes online. Even when you are sick or unable to connect to the Internet, they are still coming. Think about a 9-5 jobs. If you get sick for a month and can’t do anything, your boss will kick you out of the door immediately. One more reason to go for making money online icon smile How My Ass Helps Me Overcome The Google Penguin Update

Back to the Penguin Update

penguin How My Ass Helps Me Overcome The Google Penguin Update

It’s somehow similar to my disease.

When Google rolled out the update, many people were panic due to significant drops in traffics and earnings. Some people even complained about the quality of this update. The problem is, if you keep worrying about the update and how it impacts your business, you will go to nowhere – like me. This isn’t the first time Google updated their algorithm, and sure it isn’t the last. If you want to survive, you MUST find a suitable solution to get over the penguin, like the Panda in the past or maybe the giraffe in the future.

Stop worrying. Start taking action instead.

There are various options to overcome this updates including:

Change your SEO Strategy

No one really knows what is Google ranking algorithm, except Google. People do a lots of practices and case studies to learn what’s the best way to improve their ranks on Google. SEO is a learning process. Google changes, we must learn to adapt new changes. Some helpful articles:

Diverse your traffic sources

Google is big and so does organic traffic from Google. But it isn’t the only source of traffic. Don’t put all your eggs in an basket. Even when the basket is very huge, it still can drop and break all of your eggs. You can get traffic from other search engines (Bing, Yahoo…), social networks, videos sharing site (don’t you know that Youtube is the 3rd visited website all over the world?) , social bookmarking sites, forums, advertising… There are much more ways to get traffic, don’t believe me? Look at these sites:

Create Great Content

You have to admit this, all Google changes are aiming to increase user experiences. Google is a search engine, and the duty of a search engine is to give its users the best result or at least, the most relevant result that they are looking for.

The old age when you created a website with 4 – 5 pages with high rankings on Google is over. Google is now focusing more on quality and authority. It values sites with low bonce rate and high social signals, signs of good users’ experiences.

The long-term strategy is always creating great content for your visitors. Your visitors love it. Google love it. Even when your rankings remain unchange, many people still love your content and they’ll visit your website regularly or they’ll tell their friend about your website. These loyal visitors will be the goldmine for your business.

This will be my main strategy now since I have seen some huge improvements on my authority site with more than 30 detailed posts. Niche authority sites will be popular from now on. If you want to know why you should go for authority sites, read this article from Steve Scott.

after penguin update increase traffic How My Ass Helps Me Overcome The Google Penguin Update

Final Thoughts

I feel much better now thanks to the positive energy flowing in my body.

I’ll have a check up with the doctor next week. Maybe she’ll reveal another disease, but I am ready for it. I want to live my fullest life everyday, no matter how sick I am, no matter which disease I am fighting again.

It would be great if you can do a favor by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter or other websites. I want to make something valuable from my experiences icon smile How My Ass Helps Me Overcome The Google Penguin Update



  1. Greate tut. Thank for you sharing!

  2. No need to worry about Google’s any update for me. I just keep working hard on my blog and trying to write quality articles.
    Thanks for the long article.

  3. I think the latest SEO rules are..

    1. Super Quality and Engaging Content
    2. Authority backlinks….
    That’s all.

    If anybody follow above rules then no reason to worry about any google updates…

    Thanks brother for sharing this,

  4. I hope you’ll be fine soon, buddy :)

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