Animoto Promo Code 2012 – Save Up To $200 With Animoto

If you are searching for Animoto promo code, I am quite sure that you have already known about this awesome product, the leader in creating video with pictures and music. If you don’t really know what Animoto is and want to learn more about it, don’t worry I have the answer for you. In this post, I’ll give an overview of Animoto and its features, then I’ll tell you how to save money buying Animoto.

What is Animoto?

 Animoto Promo Code 2012   Save Up To $200 With AnimotoAnimoto is a web-based software which can help you create high quality videos from pictures and music, then you can use this video for educating, presenting, introducing, making tutorials, making homemade DVD for your wedding, birthday,… If you want to make your own videos and don’t want to waste money on other expensive services, Animoto is a great choice for you.

Beside the power of making video and its famous team including people who have worked for MTV or ABC, Animoto’s main innovation is the newly developed Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology which can make your video looks like a professional product. This technique is somehow like the one used for television and film.

The fame of Animoto is skyrocketing. It has reached 4 million registered users with nearly 1 million videos have been created each month. It also has an iPhone app, so that you can make your video right on your phone with ease.

Moreover, you can start with only 5$ per month or $30 per year. You can’t find such a better deal than this for a video application. Click here to see the plans. If you want to get Animoto Promo Code, keep reading.

Why do we need Animoto Promo Code?

Some people don’t believe in Animoto, so they want to test this product. The company is very generous to give away Animoto promo code, so that potential users can test and make their decisions. The promo code for animoto can also be used to reduce the price, so you don’t have to pay much for this product. Currently, I haven’t found any working Animoto promo code yet, but there is still another way to get Animoto discount.

The best way to save lots of money with Animoto is – Buying in bulk. For example, one month fee for Plus package is $5, but annual fee costs only $30, which will save half the price. You can save even more money, about $200, with Pro Package. However, if you only need Animoto for one or two months, pay as you go. But believe me, when you have chance to use Animoto, you will forget about other expensive and heavy video softwares.

Click here to join Animoto

Up to now, the buying in bulk seems to be the best option. I’ll keep this post update for latest animoto promo code. If you want to get one promo code, feel free to visit this post in the future.


  1. Hey Tho,

    I use to use Amimoto and thought it was pretty cool. I just wish there were more leeway with how I could have the photos some on screen. Unfortunately, you just load them up and they do all the rest. It’s come a long way since I first used them but it’s a great service if people really don’t want to get in front of the camera.

    I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ll take you up on this offer. Best of luck to you!


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