How My Ass Helps Me Overcome The Google Penguin Update

The storm of Google Penguin Update has wiping a lots of sites during this month. People stressed about this update since it targeted many aspect of building links to websites that SEOers have been doing for 10 years. Adding more pains to the update, Google has de-indexed many large blog networks¬†cutting of one popular way to build links. Established websites with “unnatural” link-scheme are also put into target.

My websites got hurts, too. 4 of them, which have made a decent amount of money everymonth, now cannot be seen on Google, cutting 70% of revenue.

But my main problem in May isn’t Google Penguin Update, it’s my disease.

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How To Get 25% OFF For ColorLabs Premium WordPress Themes

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Dreamhost Huge Discount – Only $1.87 Per Month

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